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A message from the Author:

When I first wrote Ignite the Fire I did it as a gift to home school moms. I wanted to help moms not feel so stressed by their workload and the pressure of trying to create these home schooled children who could pass any test a person could throw at them. I especially felt stressed about the Mother-in-Law test. My mother-in-law was a middle school English teacher. She was not thrilled that I was going to home school her grandchildren. Every get-together she would test them.

Now, this is my greatest testimonial … She was here for Cathy’s wedding in March. She took Ashley aside and said, “Your mom has done an amazing job with the kids. Home schooling really worked!” This was my ex mother-in-law!

I’m so glad I could put this book back into your hands again. I know you’re going to love it! We’re too busy loving our kids to be stressed about their education.

What the experts are saying about Ignite the Fire!

“Full of insight, imagination, and human warmth. Personally, I would rather learn from one heartfelt book by a writer like Mrs. Camp, than from a whole library of rhetoric produced by professional experts.”

John Taylor Gatto, author of Weapons of Mass Instruction: A Schoolteacher’s Journey   through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling (2008).

“My friend, Terri Camp is one of the most creative and energetic home schooling moms on this planet or any other planet. She has a remarkable ability to reach the hearts of other home schooling parents with wit and gentle wisdom. You will enjoy reading and will benefit greatly by using her ideas.”

Mike Farris, Chancellor Patrick Henry College

“Terri Camp is the fresh, funny, philosophical voice of home schooling mothers. I have had a chance to meet her in person, hear her speak, and read her books. I am an unabashed fan of this lively, inspiring mother of eight children.

Her book, Ignite the Fire, is based on her approach to home schooling called The Fire Philosophy – Freedom is Real Education. She wants her children to catch the fire for learning, as voiced by William Butler Yeats who said, “Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.” She helps us articulate our vision for home education: That we ignite the fires in our children so they will learn, retain, and enjoy learning. The next part of her book is dedicated to SPARKS – Sparks Promote an Attitude that Releases Kinetic Studies. She defines a SPARK as a plan, idea, or project that promotes in your children a desire to study! What follows is a treasure trove of ideas, projects, and processes using household items to make learning fun and meaningful for your children. She shares her FIRE approach to literature and specifically highlights a few books that have been special to her family. Whatever your approach or method, this book can help to put some spark back into your program. “

Christine Field

If you want to read a sample from the book,

scroll down to the section called Sample of some Sparks.


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About the Author

Terri Camp has homeschooled her eight children from birth. When she wrote Ignite the Fire her children were twelve and under. They now range in age from twenty-three down to eleven. Does this philosophy work? YES!

Ashley, who is her oldest, was raised to pursue her passions. She now lives on a 9-acre horse ranch with her husband, her son Hunter, and her beloved Arabian horses. She went on to college, studying nursing, but is now home raising her son and running her horse ranch.

Christi, who is now known as Tina, put her college life on hold when Terri became a single mom. Tina took over the homeschooling of the children so Terri could go to work to support the family. Tina is now in college studying for a Graphic Arts Degree. She is on the Dean’s List and is raising her baby girl.

Cathy is married to a wonderful Air Force man. Her whole life she wanted to be the best wife she could be, and according to her husband, she is doing just that!

David works to help support the family. His character is amazing! He had to become the “man of the house” and has risen to the task.

The rest of the kids are still being homeschooled. They are independent learners and are pursuing their goals and dreams while incorporating their studies in with the pursuits.

John is sixteen and will be attending classes at the local community college this next semester. He dreams of being a famous author and artist.

Briana is also quite artistic. Her drawings are exquisite. She also loves science…but not math so much.

Erica is also a writer. At the age of thirteen she has penned over 50,000 words in the past year. She is also quite political and is enjoying learning about our government and discussing politics with anyone who will listen.

A lot of boys Bryan’s age are usually found playing computer games. Bryan is not much different except that he prefers to program games. Recently he created a game in which to study his science vocabulary words. It must have worked, he got them all right on his next test. He creates games to be played online with multiple players.

All of  Terri’s children were raised with the FIRE philosophy of education. They experienced a life-changing event but it didn’t derail them. If anything the bonds they had created together kept them going, and growing. As the children have grown one thing they have learned is that if there is any “hole” in their education, they know how to fill that hole. They all love to learn and know how to learn.


Sample of  SPARKS found in Ignite the Fire!


Let’s begin with some sparks for you to try on your own children:
One of the best sparks to begin with is a mailbox. Now, I don’t mean go out and buy a new one from the store. Have each of your children make their own personal mailbox. They can make them out of shoeboxes, tissue boxes, oatmeal containers, etc. They may decorate the boxes anyway they want. My children’s boxes even have flags on them that can be raised when the children have a letter. Allow them to have their boxes near their bedroom door, hanging from the wall, or placed on shelves. Please understand you must set up a couple of rules. When placing a letter into someone else’s box it must be encouraging, uplifting, and kind. This is not a time for Big Brother to tell Little Brother that he’s a pain in the neck! Packages are allowed too. Mom and Dad might need to get in the act and have their own boxes!

This simple little project has been known to help children learn to spell better, for they don’t want to send a letter to Dad with misspellings on it. It energizes them to write, write, and write some more. Children also learn to communicate effectively as a by-product of giving a child a personal mailbox.

You remember making Valentine boxes at school, don’t you? Well, this is a similar concept, but the children keep them up all the time.

Science Experiments

Easy science experiments are another great way to put a spark in your child’s learning. You can purchase simple science experiment books at all the major discount stores. There is even a scientist who will e-mail a science experiment to you each week. (If you would like an experiment a week, send e-mail to Robert Krampf at krampf@krampf.com) He also travels around the country and is a great opportunity for you to take your kids to see a “real” scientist. These experiments are great ways to begin your week. Your children will often find experiments they would like to do on their own.

Floor game

The floor game is a spark I discussed in the chapter on Fire Logs. I added it here too because it is such a valuable spark that I want to make sure you don’t forget about it. Let your children decide what floor game they would like to play and what they want to learn about. Perhaps they are studying a continent and would like to plot a floor game with the countries, traveling around answering questions about them. Don’t forget that your children are often a wonderful source of sparks.

Velcro® ball game

The Velcro® ball game was also discussed in the Logs chapter. Again, let your children figure out what kinds of things they want to learn. This is a great game for an older child to do with a preschooler. They could cut out different shapes and place them around the room. The child then tries to it the shapes the older child has shouted out.

Speaking of older children teaching younger children, this is also a spark. We have some time set aside in our schedule for the older children to teach something to the younger children. Our oldest will work with a younger child on phonics, or she may read to all the younger children. We have so many children in our house that they are grouped into older and younger children categories. I often wonder how the younger children will feel when they are thirteen years old and we still refer to them as “the younger children.” Another one of our older children does an art lesson with the younger ones. This is a great time for all of them and gives the older children an opportunity to share a talent or gifting with a younger child. If you do not have any younger children, borrow some from another home schooler for an hour or so each week. A young mother with only young children will probably appreciate it if you take them to your house for an afternoon of play-dough, paint, or other messy craft.

Volunteer Work

Another opportunity I’m including as a spark is volunteer work. You could have one of your children volunteer for a story hour at the library. Reading aloud is a marvelous skill of prime importance that is often overlooked. Boys and girls alike should be able to narrate a story clearly. You might decide to volunteer as a whole family.

Roll End Paper

Do you all know what roll end paper is? It is the end of the rolls of newsprint. Many newspaper offices will sell hundreds of feet of this paper for a dollar or two. Not only is it economical (we make our own wrapping paper), but it is also a great spark. If you unroll some of the paper, your children are going to find a use for it. If you are studying the human body, outline each of your children and have them draw the parts of their body. The little ones will draw in major things like eyes, ears, etc. The older ones may draw the nervous system, or the organs, or even draw and label the muscles.

Another project you can do with roll end paper is to tape it up to the wall and let your children write notes or draw on it. This may even be a keepsake for you someday.


We home schoolers often hear about the importance of timelines. Not only are they great for your children to get some historical perspective, they are also great for sparks. When you have a timeline up and some places seem kind of bare, your children will want to fill those spaces up. There are many ways to make timelines, and there are also books on timelines. We once used roll end paper to make a timeline, using 10 inches for every decade. That timeline was like a scroll. It was extremely heavy. We had a great time working on it, but didn’t use it as much after the initial few times because it was so big and heavy. It was about 50 feet long. Was the experience worth the time and effort we put into it? I believe it was.

That was just a very small sampling of some of the many ideas you will find when you download Ignite the Fire!

Only $ 10.00 or Buy in Bulk and SAVE BIG!!!!!