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The Importance of Creativity

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Today, my son asked me, “Do I have to do the multiplication the same way they do in this book?” I’ve always been about fostering creativity in our children. I found that when they were being creative, they were learning more about the world around them than could be found in a book.

Watch this wonderful workshop on creativity and education.

For many of us, we still see that the books are written by the experts who “know” what children need to know. But I would challenge you this week to open your eyes to the imaginative play of your children and see afresh an exciting world of education.

I would love to hear your stories of what you learned while observing your children being creative.

So, this week’s assignment — it may be difficult for some of you and it may be difficult for some of your children, is to find a common household object and see how many different uses you can find for that item. Bring the object out each day and see if any new uses have come to the minds of your children. Let them play with the object. Leave it on the table during dinner time (if it fits). Keep it out in the open and just see what happens to that common household item.

Right now, I’d like you to think about what item you would like to use and post it here. Then come back in a day or two and let us know how amazingly creative some of your children are. Every idea is worth sharing.

This may very well be one of those experiments that grows in your family and becomes a weekly creativity exercise. Begin NOW!

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